Related and Support Services

Speech Therapy

Speech language pathologists provide evidence based therapeutic intervention to maximize students' communication potential.

  • Individual and small group speech therapy
  • Community based therapy integration
  • Extensive knowledge and implementation of augmentative/alternative communication devices (AAC)

Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapy is integrated as part of the educational program and focuses on supporting the students' ability to participate in school and community activities.

  • Individual OT and PT sessions are offered as part of IEP
  • Community based therapy integration


Board certified behavior analysts (BCBA) assess and evaluate students with behavior, psychological, development and/or social disabilities and develop a treatment plan that utilizes applied behavior analysis (ABA).

  • Full-time on site
  • Develops positive behavior supports plans
  • Collaborates with teachers and therapists
  • Collabroates with caregivers, parents, and family members
  • Develops individualized behavior management plan

Family Support Services

  • Parent training and home visits are offered to promote generalization from school to home and assist parents in promoting positive learning and achievement in the home and community.